Thanks for dropping by.
I am Angelique Schoop, born and raised in Curaçao, a beautiful island in the Caribbean just north of mainland South America.
I love food, travel and golf.
In 2000 I started Angelica’s Kitchen, a Caribbean Cooking School, where the guests turned into chefs for a few hours, learning about Curaçao and Caribbean cooking and customs, enjoying themselves with good food, wine and new friends.

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Angelique enjoying life in Curaçao

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I was so excited to find your cooking class only to find out you closed 😦 If you know of any others on the island I would defnitely be interested.


  2. Hello Angelica, I just came across your school and I was beyond excited. I was looking to surprise my husband with a culinary class while in curaçao at the end of the month. So sad to see you are no longer hosting! Do you have any recommendations for a culinary class on the island?!

    • Hello, I visited Curacao last July with my wife for our honeymoon and we were only able to find one cooking class on the island at the time. It was amazing. https://www.facebook.com/MurielsKitchenCuracao/ We visited Hofi Cas Cora, walked around the garden, picked some veggies for dinner that night and then prepped and cooked an amazing meal. We were the only ones in the “class”, it seemed more like a friendly gathering with Muriel in the most amazing setting. When we went there wasnt too much to choose from but we had fun picking and cooking what we could. Its too bad because there were so many unripe mangoes just staring at us. I highly suggest looking her up if Angelique is unavailable. Out of our 11 nights, it was one of out favorite dinners on the island. If you have any other questions please let me know, i would be happy to help.



  3. Angela, my wife and I are coming to Curacao and would like to take a cooking class one night. We are coming on the 20-24 of March. Do you know of any cooking classes that we could take?

  4. Dear Angelica,
    we are 4 friends and stay from January 22 to February 02 on Curacao and the same like you …I love food (which you also see :-).
    I would like to let cook (once or twice) (culinary preferred fish from Curacao). Do you have ideas, addresses where I could book someone who cook for us?

    Looking forward to answer, love greetings from Germany

  5. Hello Christian, thanks for your question.
    I suggest you have lunch at the Old Market during the week, where you have a great choice of local food and at a great price.
    I’m not sure I can recommend anyone to come and cook for you. I don’t know of chefs doing house calls.
    Enjoy your stay.

  6. My husband and I took a cooking class 9 years ago at Angelica’s Kitchen with Clarita and we have been trying to reconnect I see it closed 😦 We’re returning March 2019 and bringing our two kids and probably quite a few other families as well. We want nothing more than to do a cooking class with our kids and see Clarita again!!!

    Do you do private cooking classes for groups/kids?

    And do you happen to know Clarita so that we can try and see her again?

    Erin Toohey

  7. Hi Angelica’s good afternoon, I am a father of a beautiful girl of 9 years old, I was looking through internet a place for my daughter to get some cook classes and I found your place, as I could read you already closed your place unfortunately. But I was wondering if maybe you know a place for my daughter to learn more about cook.

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