Angelica’s places to eat in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city for food and foodies.
You might think that the Dutch don’t have great food and a food tradition like France or Italy, they have come a long way baby.
The fact that the globe has shrunk through easy travel and internet, opened up the whole world for everybody and especially the Dutch. The Dutch can have about 2 months off work and they do travel! But back to food.
The Dutch bitterballen and frikadel aside, there is a growing number of Michelin starred restaurants in the Netherlands, a little over 100 of which two with 3* and 18 with 2* in 2013, up from 15 2* in 2012.
Aside of the Michelin starred restaurants there are a ton of great places to have lunch or dinner.
My newest discovery, though they celebrated their 10th anniversary, is Restaurant Blue Pepper, an Indonesian restaurant, exquisite for Rijsttafel.
Rijsttafel at Restaurant Blue Pepper, AmsterdamTo quote from their website: “Blue Pepper serves authentic Indonesian cuisine with a distinct West Javanese accent and a contemporary touch.”
The flavors are so pure and distinctly layered, a very fresh feeling in your mouth, if you could say that of food that has a lot of spices and herbs, without overpowering the different nuances. Blue Pepper’s rijsttafel consist of 16 dishes, on the picture is the 3rd course!, finishing with a delicious trio of sweets. Price: 70 euro without drinks.

A more modestly priced dinner I had on a beautiful summer evening strolling through and over Amsterdam’s canal streets, with the canals overflowing with happy people, because the sun is out and staying, thank you very much.Amsterdam on a summer day

At Leliegracht 34/corner Keizersgracht there is da Portare Via, a pizza take out. Nothing fancy but delicious pizza baked in a wood fueled oven right in front of you. You can take it out or have your pizza sitting outside, watching the locals enjoying their summer.

da Portare Via da Portare Via bakingEat your pizza sitting outside addresses for da Portare Via

Or you can do as the students do and buy your fresh fruits and veggies on one of the many farmers markets in Amsterdam.

IMG_0026 IMG_0062
And because it’s summertime in Amsterdam and there is actually a real summer feeling, you just grab a chair and your goodies from the farmers market and you enjoy the sun and lunch al fresco with friends.

What is your way to celebrate summer in your city?

I will be changing the name of the blog to Angelica’s Delights. That covers all the delightful activities that I want to tell you about, of course starting with food, but also travel, gardens, culture and the good life, the delightful life. So from the next post, watch out for Angelica’s Delights.

Please let me know what you think, see you around.

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