Good food, good wine, good company

Last September 2012, Thérèse Boer of De Librije was in Curaçao, where she hosted a wine tasting held at Angelica’s Kitchen for a group of 40 guests. The wine tasting was organized by Dorine van den Elzen, who regularly gives workshops in Curaçao about wine and food pairing.
De Librije is a famous Dutch restaurant with 3 Michelin stars and is run by Jonnie Boer as the 3* chef and his wife Thérèse Boer as the host and wine master. It was interesting to learn how temperature, glass size and airing of the wine can influence the flavor of the wine. The same red wine served just 2-3 degrees warmer has such a different aroma and flavor. In Curaçao we often drink white wine straight from the fridge, which is at about 8 °C, a lot cooler than in Europe. When in Holland/outside the Caribbean I will have it at the normal temperature of 12-14 °C.
This October I had a chance to visit de Librije for the first time – I hope to go more often. I went with two dear friends and I have to say we had a ball. The food, the wine, the company was excellent. On the above photo you can see one of the amuses we had, a steak tartare on top of chives mayonnaise, a delicate balance of flavors and textures. This time I didn’t take a lot of pictures to show you, I was to busy enjoying the food and the wine, you’ll have to believe me that it is totally worth every euro for the 8 course menu + wine pairing that I had. Next time I’m in Holland I’ll do a workshop at de Librije’s atelier and stay at their hotel.
When you are on vacation, do you take cooking classes or go to Michelin star restaurants? Share your experience. And please let me know what you think of the post. 

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