The Beginning

The beginning is the most difficult part of a project or in this case this blog post. But I’ll start anyway. I am Angelique Schoop of Angelica’s Kitchen in Curaçao, and that is in the south of the Caribbean. I love good food and I am totally mad about pastry, especially French pastry. I have a Cooking school in Curaçao and with this blog I want to share with you my experiences in and out of the kitchen, in and outside of Curaçao and the Caribbean. I’ll start with a picture of our Key Lime Pie, with tangy lime filling and a creamy sweet Italian meringue topping.


Update December 2012
Since September 2012 Angelica’s Kitchen closed it’s physical doors.
This was a difficult emotional decision, but I am glad I did it anyway.
I’m turning Angelica’s Kitchen into a blog, where I’ll share with you the food and good things of my beautiful island Curaçao and also of my travels around the Caribbean and the world.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Please share with your friends.

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